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Portfolio planning and prioritization at scale
This talk is about how to do portfolio planning and prioritization at scale based on experiences within (among others) one of the largest banks in The Netherlands spotnet classic 1.9 0.5 downloaden. It’s a practical approach on Portfolio Management and prioritization at scale for Lean Business Agility. It combines experiences and practices to solve problems on: alignment of teams, giving autonomy whilst keeping teams aligned and focussed on results for the business gemafreie klassische musik kostenlos downloaden.

Tags: Program and portfolio management, Scaling, Business agility, Kanban, Change, Lean

Accelerating agile teams with Kanban practices
This talk is about different teams that have gotten stuck (poor value from retrospectives, lots of ad hoc work and decreasing predictability) and got back in control by applying Kanban practices to their process lassiter ebook free download. I’ll show and discuss a little theory and how we’ve applied it within to get spectacular results.

Tags: Kanban, Good practice, Experience reports, Scrum, Agile, Lean, Teams