What are you trying to accomplish?

“Managers are idiots”
“Eliminate SAFe is a lean principle”
“Scrum doesn’t work”
“Testing is waste”

Just some random stuff I’ve heard people say or saw them tweet netflix app für smart tv herunterladen. This post is not about starting a discussion about to what extend these tweets and comments are true. And yes I have an opinion here but that’s not my point fahrschule simulator kostenlosen vollversion.

What are you trying to accomplish herunterladen? Are you trying to wake them up, piss them off or put them in listening mode?

The nature of twitter is that that you get too little context to understand what is actually meant gta modsen ps4. It leaves a lot of room for interpretation and that makes it great to inspire people. If you are in an organization that is trying to change (for instance to a more agile or lean way of working in order to become a more responsive business), this is not the stuff that puts people in listening mode.

It shows you are not sensitive to the context of your customer / the person you’re talking to. It shows you have no respect for what people that actually HAVE accomplished. And it focusses on all of the negatives instead of recognising the fact that people may have good intentions.

I’ve had a manager tell me “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”. Not the best way to motivate me by the way, but there is some truth in it. Unless you are actively helping people to learn, grow, evolve in their thinking and practice you’re just complaining.

For instance: SAFe seems to be an easy target to pick on, but please: keep in mind that if you have the experience and knowledge to explain to people why you think it’s wrong/bad/not-agile/or-whatever, you have the responsibility to be sensitive to their context. Maybe it’s a starting point. Maybe it’s actually an improvement. Maybe it’s none of that. And unless you took the time to investigate and learn, the things you’re saying are just noise to a lot of people. And the risk is with making a lot of noice is that at some point people will just turn down the volume. Because they are not in listening mode…

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